Dan Hall Guitar Tuition

Guitar Lessons in Manchester

Tailored to Suit You

Why Choose Me?

Guitar Lessons in Manchester tailored to your goals

I understand that every student is different. Lessons with me will be based around your goals, learning the music you love, while ensuring that you get a solid grounding in technique and theory to tackle any situation.

Extensive (8 years) Teaching Experience

I’m passionate about teaching, and I’ve been doing it professionally for over five years. I’ve taught one on one, small groups, large groups, as well as in a number of schools.

Specialist in Beginners

I’ve taught many beginners over the years and I specialising in getting new students off to the best possible start, learning the music they love with the correct technique from day one.

... but comfortable teaching all ability levels

I've been playing the guitar professionally for nearly 10 years and I’m confident that players of all ability levels will find value in my lessons.

Friendly and patient

Lessons with me take place in relaxed environment, zero pressure environment. Learning the guitar takes time, and my role is to patiently support and encourage you through this process, not to berate you for not making "enough" progress.

Learn by studying the music YOU love

You’re probably looking to learn the guitar because there is a particular style, song, or artist that you love. Or maybe you have a burning desire to create and express yourself. Whatever your motivation is, it will be the focal point of your lessons with me.